Commissioners Court Budget Session

The Commissioners Court’s annual “budget session” is right around the corner. This is the most important period of the year for the Commissioners Court.

The Texas State legislature convenes for a “legislative session” every other year with the single most important function to pass the biennial budget for the state. The Commissioners Court has a very similar period every year as we develop the county budget for the next fiscal year. Our “budget session”.

Elected officials and associations are already making the rounds of Commissioners Court members, making their cases for budgets, personnel, new equipment, etc.

The budget session starts in earnest for the county staff when they receive the final appraisal results from the Central Appraisal District on July 25. That gives us the final tax dollar amounts and staff can start crystallizing details of the budget that they are already developing.

While individual court members are asking for data from the staff now, the first opportunity for the entire Commissioners Court to receive briefings and discuss the budget and tax rate in plenary session is the budget workshop, scheduled for August 10-14.

The most important dates for you? September 8, 14, and 21. We will hold two public hearings on the tax rate (September 8 and 14) and one public hearing on the budget (September 21), followed by the final vote.

The court takes the most important votes of the year during the budget session, when we decide the budgetary direction for the county for the following year, when we meet our constitutional responsibility to fund county services, and when priorities of individual court members become clear.

I always remember that we work for every citizen of Collin County, not just the few from whom we hear, those of you who are reading this. Ninety percent of citizens are not aware of our work and will not read this post, but they want us to provide excellent services while leaving every hard-earned dollar possible in their pockets.

Unlike the movies, there won’t be any swelling music or cheering crowds when we reach the final budget decision, but at least we won’t be wet, cold, and tired (or hot and tired in Afghanistan).

I’ll trade swelling music for dry, warm, and rested any day. And a good budget.



Thought for the day: “When the French monarch proposed the persecution of Christians in his dominion, an old statesman and warrior said to him, ‘Sire, the church of God is an anvil that has worn out many hammers.” Theodore Beza