Fireworks at night over dark blue sky

Freedom and Fireworks: What’s Your Opinion?

For now, Collin County limits fireworks sales to the days leading up to the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve. But this year, Texans in some jurisdictions will have more leeway to celebrate with fireworks at other times.

On Monday, fireworks are on the agenda for the Collin County Commissioners Court. The Court can decide to grant permits for the sale of fireworks leading up to Texas Independence Day, but we must make that decision soon. There is also a possibility of allowing fireworks sales leading up to other holidays: San Jacinto Day, Memorial Day and Cinco de Mayo.

This is a classic liberty versus safety issue. The bill on fireworks sales that gives commissioners courts this jurisdiction passed the House with a 139-5 vote and passed the Senate unanimously. The fire chiefs recommend that we not loosen our regulations on fireworks sales because of the likelihood of an increase in personal injuries and the potential for more house fires.

Do you believe that Collin County should continue the strict time limits on fireworks sales? Or would you rather the County open fireworks sales to other holiday seasons? Share your opinion: CLICK HERE to answer a one-question survey about fireworks in Collin County.