Model T Driving Class, Collin County Days, and other topics

1. Collin County owns a 1911 Model T Ford, donated to the county years ago. And you can learn to drive it! Hint: it’s radically different.

Join me on April 11 at Myers Park for the driving class. Get the details for the class ($10 fee) at or view many other events happening at your county park.

A group of dedicated volunteers maintain the old Model T, and it is a real piece of history, more than century old. The Model T was built from 1908 until 1927, so we have one of the oldest models.

2.Would you like to help judge a speech and debate tournament that features fantastic young homeschooled high schoolers who can articulate ideas beyond their age?

The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) will hold their Frisco tournament, Thursday through Saturday, March 12-14. If you are interested, please contact Christie McBride at 904-662-2355. See for more information. You can contribute significantly by judging for a few hours for one round.

The topics this year are fabulous:

Lincoln Douglas Value Debate

Resolved: In the realm of economics, freedom ought to be valued above equity.

Team Policy Debate

Resolved: The United States should significantly reform its policy toward one or more countries in the Middle East.

3. We don’t have Commissioners Court on Monday, March 2, because the entire Commissioners Court will be in Austin for Collin County Days, interacting with our legislators along with several hundred business leaders and citizens. At the Tuesday breakfast, the Commissioners Court will speak on various topics to the group. It is a posted meeting of the Court.

4. The Sunset Advisory Commission recently took the rare action to order the North Texas behavioral health system be redesigned.

Last Monday, the Commissioners Court approved the concept plan to form our own Local Mental Health Authority in order to improve behavior health services in the county. We need to move some of the regional funding to Collin County, and we will be defending our concept plan in the legislature.

5. Have you seen the news that your legislators heard you articulate your toll fatigue? Representatives Jeff Leach, Scott Sanford and Matt Shaheen have now filed nine bills that address tolling. These bills support the wider efforts to find a mechanism to move back toward a historic level of transportation funding. You can read the article and then follow the bills at

6. Lake Lavon has gained more than two feet during 2105 and is higher than any day during 2014. Even so, it is still lower than any recent year other than 2014 and is still down more than ten feet.