Interesting Commissioners Court!

If there was ever a great Commissioners Court to attend, Monday, June 22, may be it. There are three extremely interesting topics on the agenda:

1. The Commissioners Court received a letter from thirteen mayors across Collin County reference the issuing of city construction permits in unincorporated county areas, the extraterritorial jurisdictions of the cities. This is not a county issue; it is between private property owners, developers and cities, but I believe that we owe the mayors a written response, which we must by law discuss in a posted open meeting.

You may read both the mayors’ letter and a draft response starting on page 445 at . The packet is huge, give it time to open.

The Texas Association of Builders also submitted a brief in the lawsuit on this issue between a developer and one of our cities. Their brief is also included in the court packet.

The Commissioners Court has been steadfast in our support for private property rights in the unincorporated county, and I fully expect that position to continue.

2. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) is working on the Mobility 2040 Plan. We fought the good tactical fight against tolling on US75 before and during the recent legislative session. Now we cannot fall asleep at the wheel.

The Mobility 2040 Plan is a long-term planning document that may include toll managed lanes on US75.

I plan to comment on US75 tolling notations in the current Mobility 2035 plan, specifically, “convert the existing HOV facility to Express/HOV lanes”, and ask our Regional Transportation Council (RTC) representatives to ensure that tolling possibilities are removed in the Mobility 2040 plan. Once a plan is published, it’s hard to change. The toll environment is different today, we need to change the long-term planning documents.

3. We decided months ago to depart the clean air program that charged you a fee when you inspect your car; the program where the state held the funds in order to balance the budget. However, the legislature appropriated substantially more funds to the program during the recent session.

Monday, we will hear a presentation by the Council of Governments (COG) that will outline what return we might expect if we decide to stay in the program now that the legislature has appropriated more funds.

The program repairs or offers partial replacement for old cars that pollute more than newer cars.

4. We will also hear an update on the progress toward a county mental health care system for our indigent citizens.

Bottom line: Monday will a very interesting court to attend, either in person at 1:30 PM or by watching the streaming video at .