635 East tolling and Collin compensation

1. In Commissioners Court on Monday, August 3, I will update the court on a fascinating meeting that I attended this week, the 635 East Legislative Delegation meeting.

A number of legislators from Dallas County are trying to prevent tolling on 635E, which stretches east from US75. The legislators said time and again that the people have spoken on tolling. The Regional Transportation Council (RTC) obviously wants to keep the planned tolling on the managed lanes on 635E, already being constructed.

This is the first time I have heard a member of the RTC explicitly and directly challenge legislators by stating that the RTC holds authority over the State Legislature and TXDot to make a decision, rather than in conjunction with them.

I, of course, am interested in the outcome because the same authority applies to US75, although not as advanced as 635E.  I hope it is an interesting discussion. Tune in at http://collin.granicus.com/ViewPublisher.php?view_id=2 on Monday at 1:30 PM.

2. Our annual budget discussions start soon. Before they do, I want you to see historical figures, all supplied by county staff.

Collin County provides excellent county services to you while compensating our employees with competitive salaries, out-of-this-world retirement benefits, health insurance, and absolute job security even for average performance.

The Commissioners Court keeps our compensation in the middle range of comparable organizations, both public and private (where private comparisons are appropriate). Check out the historical charts at http://www.slideshare.net/KeithSelf1975/collin-county-history-stats

I previously outlined our very comprehensive process to determine compensation at http://www.keithself.com/compensation-analysis/

Even before I took office, Collin County moved to pay for performance, rather than automatic government pay raises. There are several ways to describe the old automatic government pay raises, but they were all the same thing – automatic pay raises. The fact that they still exist in other government bodies is no reason for us to return to the old way of doing business.

The HR Department will present wage increase presentations at the workshop, and I am confident that the Commissioners Court will continue to provide excellent services in what looks to be a tightening labor market.

These budget discussions start on August 10. I plan to work with my colleagues to provide real solutions to real challenges in Collin County.