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5-Point Emergency Action Plan for Collin County

Collin County faces a crisis of leadership. Unless immediate action takes place to correct years of apathy and divisiveness, we face a continued lag in the development of our transportation infrastructure, coupled with our soaring tax burden.

Therefore I am compelled to offer a concrete, positive plan for immediate action following my oath of office.
Should the citizens of Collin County entrust me with the high duty of leading the county into a dynamic and bright future, my 5-point emergency action plan will ensure our citizens a future in which they are confident their hard-earned tax dollars receive careful stewardship by the Commissionersí Court and a future in which we travel on a robust transportation infrastructure able to service our growing population.

Within the first 90 days after I take office as the Collin County Judge, I will take the necessary action within the Commissionersí Court to:

  1. Freeze salaries of the Collin County Commissionersí Court.
  2. Terminate longevity pay for the Collin County Commissionersí Court.
  3. Reduce the Collin County property tax rate by at least 4 percent. Since the Expenditures in the Operating Funds of the General Fund grew by 11 percent from 2004-2005 , there is fat enough to cut without hurting our capital improvements.
  4. Move the Commissionersí Court open sessions to a facility large enough to accommodate all fully-engaged citizens of Collin County who wish to participate in the open conduct of county business. Citizen input and action will be encouraged at Commissionersí Court sessions.
  5. Convene an emergency meeting of Collin County Mayors and state/regional transportation officials in order to start repairing relationships and develop a county coalition to move the Collin County transportation infrastructure into the 21st century. State Representatives and Senators will receive my personal invitation to participate in the meeting and the coalition.
On the 90th day following my oath of office, I will publicly report on my success with each initiative.

We need leadership now; we need energy in office now; we need results now. We, the citizens of Collin County, must not allow our future to stagnate.


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