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The proposed Fiscal Year 2018 Collin County budget is set. Image license @fotolia

2018 Budget and Tax Rates Looking Good

The proposed Fiscal Year 2018 budget is set. The most important outcome: You should pay exactly the same amount in county property tax dollars as you did last year.
The Commissioners Court adopted the “effective” tax rate—what I like to call the “no-new-taxes” rate—which lowers your rate by more than a penny and a half.
This despite the average home value increasing by $26,783.
Keep in mind, though, that county taxes make up only 10 percent of your tax bill. The total amount that you pay will vary depending on what the cities, school districts, and college do with their tax rates.
This year, our county tax base grew by more than thirteen percent. This kind of phenomenal growth demands a reduction in the tax rate—otherwise we could quickly tax people out of their homes.
I am proud to say that the Commissioners Court took that into account with our decision to keep your tax bill flat this year.
Even with the rate reduction, we were able to dedicate a large portion of new funding to public safety for the third year in a row. A new generation of communication systems and a complete reorganization of the Sheriff’s office will equip our public safety officers well into the future.
Our county commissioners have made a special effort to meet our constitutional duties while remaining mindful of the burden taxpayers carry. It’s my hope that Collin County can serve as a model to other local governments for what can be achieved, regardless of whether or not property tax reform is enacted at the state level.
You will have three opportunities to voice your opinion in public hearings before the Commissioners Court votes on final approval September 18, and I will publish hearing dates and times as they draw closer.
These hearings are not required by law. We make them available because your input is so vital, especially when it comes to how your tax dollars are spent. I hope you will come and participate in the process.