County Government

County Government

On Monday we will honor the Collin County Historical Commission and Loydell Seward for going above and beyond to preserve our area's rich history.

Collin County’s Shining Stars of Historic Preservation

On Monday, for the 14th year in a row, the Texas Historical Commission will award the Distinguished Service Award to the Collin County Historical Commission. Our Historical Commission is routinely recognized for going above and beyond in pursuit of their mission.

We don’t take for granted the work that our preservationists do. It’s especially vital in an area like ours—an area that is at the same time rich in Texas history and swiftly changing from remote and rural to booming and urban.

Every outstanding organization is only as effective as its hard-working members. The Historical Commission is no different, and Loydell Seward is a dynamic part of this exceptional organization.

On Monday, the Commissioners Court will give special recognition to Loydell Seward, in the form of an official proclamation, before she retires after 20 years of dedication to the cause of preserving Collin County’s history.

By taking a leading role in the development of the only countywide historical asset survey in Texas, Loydell has made it possible for researchers and history buffs to quickly find specific local historical buildings, sites, markers and other artifacts. Because of her leadership and the tireless work of the members of the commission, you can find a piece of Collin County history near you as easily as reading a local street map.

It’s hard to overstate the size of this undertaking, or the value of having that information at our fingertips. Without dedicated protectors of our history, like Loydell, important historical details could be lost to future generations of Collin County residents.

Many people will be sad to see Loydell go, but rest assured; her influence will continue to be felt for years to come, as she serves as an inspiration to the capable and hardworking volunteers who continue the task of preserving Collin County’s history.