The first Collin County early voting numbers are in and they are record-busting.

Voting in Droves

The first numbers are in and they are record-busting.

As of mid-afternoon Friday, there had already been over 137,000 early ballots submitted in Collin County. The moving vote totals are holding at about 45 percent more than the same period in 2012. Ranked by percentage turnout of eligible voters, Collin is currently second among large Texas counties.

And we’re just getting started. Another five days of early voting plus Election Day should bring us to more than 60 percent of all registered voters casting a ballot.

Why such big numbers?

People are voting in droves this year for good reason. In a general election, you vote not just for a candidate, but for a platform. Your choice is not between differing personalities but between two opposing worldviews.

This year, those worldviews could not be more different from each other. And seeing how much more enthusiasm is on the Republican side, I believe the worldview of the majority is on full display.

Why should you vote?

Your vote is in the defense of free speech, religious liberty, and the value of life—all the way down the ballot. The outcome of this election, at every level, will determine whether our nation continues on its current leftward course or corrects itself in the direction of liberty.

In fact, down-ballot races may be more important than ever. Positions at the state and local level are and will continue to be the first line of defense against federal government overreach, regardless of who wins the White House.

I particularly want to encourage you to vote in the down-ballot contested seats on the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas.

Where can you vote?

You can cast an early ballot at any one of 34 locations throughout the county through Tuesday, November 4.

Collin County Republican votes are critical to counterbalance D votes in the more urban areas of the state. If Texas—and Collin County—are to remain bastions of liberty and examples for the rest of the nation, then your vote in every race is vital.