Fireworks for Texas Independence Day

Fireworks for Texas Independence Day

Thank you to everyone who submitted an opinion on fireworks sales in Collin County. I was encouraged that so many of you participated in the survey.

The Commissioners Court voted today on granting permits for fireworks sales during the days leading up to Texas Independence Day. The measure passed 3 – 2.

Here is why I voted with the majority in favor of the new permits:

Reducing the regulatory burden is a conservative principle, and one that has significant implications for our economy. If we want Collin County to continue its economic success story, we will need to have a light regulatory touch, freeing up commerce.

Individuals and small businesses are increasingly hindered by regulations from each branch and level of government. Easing regulations on small business owners allows them to make a better living for themselves while providing goods and services to the public.

There may be questions and concerns about safety, and I want to assure you that the Commissioners Court considered the safety issue carefully.

Texas Independence Day falls in March, which averages twice as much precipitation as July, when fireworks are normally on sale. This sale will also be over a shorter time period –just six days, as opposed to the eleven-day period before July 4th. And, if the Commissioners Court were to issue a burn ban because of drought conditions, the sale of fireworks most likely to cause fires, “rockets with sticks” and “missiles with fins,” would be prohibited.

Today’s vote for opening up the sale of fireworks applies only to the days leading to Texas Independence Day 2016. This initial experience will provide us with data to work with when considering the same issue in the future.