Next time you see them, be sure to give your city fire and police a heartfelt thumbs up for the work they did during and after Hurricane Harvey.

Local First Responders Answer the Call After Harvey

During and after Hurricane Harvey, many of our cities deployed public safety assets to assist the Houston region. Every one of our larger cities participated in some manner.
Sheriff Skinner deployed Collin County’s boat team to assist with water rescues, and Constables Williams and Wright collected fifteen pallets of disaster relief supplies. The local UPS office generously provided transport for those supplies.
The supplies were then delivered to a group of former service members doing what service members do best – making things happen. It was a great pleasure to visit with them and hear what they were accomplishing so quickly.
My deepest thanks goes out to every first responder that deployed to help our fellow Texans. Be sure to give your local fire and police a heartfelt thumbs up the next time you see them.