Where is support for our highest transportation priority?

Where is support for our highest transportation priority?

The highest priority Collin County highway project, US 380, doesn’t even show up in the 56 listed major freeway/tolled projects in Annex E, Mobility 2045, a plan recently approved by the Regional Transportation Council. Not on the list nor on the maps “Highway Corridor Projects” or “Major Highway Recommendations”.

That’s a 2045 plan – more than 25 years from now.

Let’s do a simple review just a few of the recent billion dollar plus projects in the Metroplex.

  1. 635 LBJ – Dallas County. More than a billion dollars.
  2. The Funnel, Dallas County, just north of the DFW airport. More than a billion dollars.
  3. I-35W, Tarrant County. More than a billion dollars.
  4. The Horseshoe at the Dallas Mixmaster. A billion dollars.
  5. I-635 E, Dallas County just received approval for improvement. More than a billion dollars.

I know, if I’m off by a few projects or dollars, I’ll hear about it.

And now, a headline Friday in the Dallas Morning News, “Up Next for TXDot: A $1.2 billion, three-highway project in Tarrant County.”

I realize that Collin County only has six votes on the forty-four member Regional Transportation Council (RTC), but I have to ask, “When will Collin County, which is growing faster than the other counties, see a billion dollar project to support our tremendous growth?”

The recent improvements that we see on many of our highways like US 75 were funded primarily by local funds, not state and federal funds controlled by the RTC.

I realize that Dallas and Tarrant counties (and interstate highways) can soak up all the transportation dollars available into the distant future, but our growth must eventually be addressed by our “regional partners”.

The methodology for plan development that covers more than 25 years should not ignore the need that we have today. Our highest priority project already rates level F, the worst possible rating.

When will Collin County have its highest priority addressed as a major freeway project?