Survey Says: No New Taxes
2018 Collin County Tax Rate Survey

Survey Says: No New Taxes

When it comes to taxes, most Collin County taxpayers don’t want to pay more.
After I asked your opinion on which tax rate the Commissioners Court should choose for 2018, survey results came pouring in. Only six hours after posting the poll on Facebook, we had over 100 responses.
As you can see from the attached chart: 71% of you preferred the “no new taxes” rate. Another 25% picked the “population plus inflation” rate, an increase of 5%. Just 4% of respondents called for a constant tax rate, an almost 10% increase in the dollar amount you pay in taxes.
Based on those numbers, I know most of you will be happy to hear this news:

You will get a tax rate cut this year.

I just don’t yet know how much. Depending on the size of the cut, you may pay more or less in terms of the dollar amount.
The county is growing so fast that—if we leave the tax rate where it is—we would have to hold an election for you to approve the current rate!
The survey was the easy part. We all know that most of us don’t want to pay more taxes.

Now the hard work begins.

Your Commissioners Court is charged with balancing revenue against expenses. This year, that starts with our budget workshop August 14-17 and ends with a final vote on the tax rate and budget on September 18.
It has been said that politics is the allocation of resources. For most governments, that means every new expense requires new, additional funding.
But that’s not the way we operate in Collin County. When it comes to our budgeting and planning, we are well aware that the resources we allocate are your resources.

Its time to prioritize.

Our budget has started to grow a little faster over the past couple of years, and I will be carefully watching this year to keep government growth in check.
Prioritization will play an outsized role this year since we have some big-ticket items up for consideration. It will help that the biggest item of all—transportation funding—should come out of the surplus, not the current budget.
Both the state legislature and US Congress face challenges to their efforts to pass meaningful tax reform. But Collin County will continue to keep your county taxes low, while providing you with excellent services in our core functions.