"Thank you for providing consistent and exemplary Republican leadership for Collin County. The people of Collin County will be well served if you continue to lead their county government. It is a privilege to support and endorse you and your campaign for re-election."

Bill Crocker
Republican National Committeeman for Texas

"Judge Keith Self has served the taxpayers of Collin County well during his first term in office. Under his leadership, Collin County became the first county government in the nation to post its check registers online to provide more fiscal accountability and public access to government. Keith Self honored his pledge to cut taxes and reduce County government spending. And, to truly demonstrate his commitment to best represent the taxpayers, Keith refused a pay increase during his entire term in office. Keith Self is a man of integrity who keeps his promises to promote transparency and fiscal responsibility and is a true servant of the taxpayers. Because of his impressive record, I encourage you to join me in supporting Collin County Judge Keith Self for re-election."

Ken Paxton
State Representative

"I have immense respect and admiration for Keith Self. Keith has actually implemented the 'good government' policies he promised when first elected. His depth of knowledge on the issues facing our growing county and his ability to passionately articulate those issues has earned Collin County nationwide recognition and made it the best place to live in Texas."

Jodie Laubenberg
State Representative

"Keith has been great to work with in the Legislature. While the county had some things that did not pass he was always there and always supportive of his Legislators. I appreciate all he has done."

Jerry Madden
State Representative

"Keith Self has been an active and engaged board member of the Samaritan Inn since 2007. His personal philosophy of compassion tempered with accountability is the most effective method for helping people become self sufficient members of the community and we are pleased and proud that he is a part of our board of directors."

Lynne Sipiora
Executive Director, Samaritan Inn

"Keith’s active involvement on the Samaritan Inn board has been invaluable. He has a genuine concern for our county’s homeless, and has a heart for our work here. We are grateful for the time and energy he has invested in the community and his concern for the less fortunate here in Collin County."

Ted Cantrell
Former President, Samaritan Inn Board

"I have served side by side with Judge Keith Self on the board of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, which provides support and life options to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Judge Self has been a steadfast supporter of our ministry and provides us with valuable wisdom and insight. Personally, it’s refreshing to know our County Judge is more than a politician, having demonstrated he cares about people and takes the time to be involved in our community."

Bob Steinweg
Board Member, Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

"Keith and I played on the same basketball team in high school. He was the biggest hustler on the team and played harder than everybody. I never knew anyone who had more scrapes and bruises because he was always diving for the loose ball. I don't think anyone will ever outwork Keith."

Kent Ladd
Tascosa High School, Amarillo

"Your leadership in government transparency and accountability make you an indispensible resource for the people of Collin County and all of Texas. As I have said about you in many places, 'Keith Self has put into practice the conservative principles too many people simply talk about. Collin County, and all Texans, are fortunate to have him at the helm of one of the state's fast growing counties.'"

Michael Quinn Sullivan
President, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility / Empower Texans, Treasurer, Empower Texans PAC